We all know there are many ways of losing weight. Some choose the treadmill, others hit spin class,  but if your looking for a little variety give HIIT a try. High intensity endurance training is a great balance of muscle fatigue and cardiovascular work.

HIIT is great for the metabolism and a proven way of losing weight. This workout is also time efficient and will leave you feeling accomplished.

This  workout will require dumbbells, I would suggest using a weight that is comfortable but heavy enough to present a challenge after multiple reps. Before you give it a try a few tips:


The last thing anyone wants is to injure the body while working out, but it is a possible reality for many. The best thing that you can do besides performing each exercise properly is listening to your body during your workout. The body is an excellent communicator, so if you feel physical pain, labored breathing, extreme exhaustion, etc. you should stop working out immediately.


Your surroundings will play a vital goal ole in your success. You’ll want to train in a relatively cool climate with little humidity to allow for perspiration, and somewhere spacious to allow for free movement. If you check ode time o train outside be sure that the weather is favorable and that the surface your training on is level and shock resistant.


If you have any serious conditions I recommend  clearing it with your physician to be sure your well enough to proceed.


Personally I think HIIT requires more motivation than most training styles. The explosive, physical nature of a lot of the movements can leave the casual gym-goer exhausted midway through the workout. The short rest intervals and multiple rounds also add mental pressure when trying to make it through a  session. If you want to take on HIIT don’t be afraid to:

-have a training partner: it can be hard to muster up the motivation to work out, but having a training partner will help to keep you focused and accountable. The spirit of competitiveness will give you that push to crank out a few extra reps.

-play some of your favorite songs: nothing gets me going in the gym like listening to just the right song during an exercise, and the same can be true for you. Find a playlist that motivates you and puts you in the zone and you’ll be surprised how far you’ll go.

-remember why you train: keeping the end goal in mind will give greater meaning to the chore of completing a grueling workout. Visualize it before and during each workout and commit to making strides toward it with this workout, and it will add up as the days go on.





1) JUMP LUNGES (15 reps per leg)

The jump lunge is a powerful way to start the workout. Be sure to bend both knees at a 90 degree angle, explode up, and alternate dominant legs while your feet are suspended in the air. Balance will also be important as you stabilize your lower body from the jump and bend into the lunge.

2) PUSH UP ROWS (8 rows per arm, 16 push ups)

I recommend using weight to support you in the push up position and serve as resistance as you bring the weight up into a row. The row serves  to build and strengthen the back, but without the added weight your body can’t adapt. Choose a comfortable weight that can be done for multiple reps at a time.

3) SQUAT PRESS (20 reps)

The squat press is great for working the muscles of the lower body and shoulders all in one fluid movement. Including dumbbells will help burn more calories and build the legs and shoulders as you crouch into a squat and come up to press the weight overhead.

4) ROMANIAN TWISTS (20 reps each side)

Designed to target the core, this movement will challenge your core strength and stability as you shift your hands from either side of your body. Concentrate on keeping your legs and upper body from touching the floor while maintaining good form. As you get better at this move try adding more resistance by holding a medicine ball.

5) BURPEE INTO PUSH UP (15 reps)

This is such an effective exercise because of the strength required to execute the push up and the explosive power to then jump off the ground. I would be lying to you if I said this was an easy move, but if you’re looking to burn calories and build strength it’s second to none. To get through this for three rounds you’re going to have to pace yourself and dig deep.

6) MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (20 reps per leg)

The trick here is to tuck the knees all the way into the chest for the full range of motion.

FINISHER (optional)
7) BATTLE ROPES (1 minute, last round)

Some gyms don’t have battle ropes which is why this move is optional, however if you do have access to one I strongly suggest using it to close out your workout. The full body strength and endurance necessary to whip the rope while holding a static position for an entire minute is just the kind of challenge that characterizes a great finishing exercise.


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